Placing Ads & Sourcing

Sourcing with Job Posting and Internal Resources

Writing a Job Posting

Creating an effective job posting requires being honest. This includes being upfront with what your expectations are and what you are willing to pay. Being vague in your presentation may get more resumes in front of you, but finding the right person may be more of a challenge. It is better to have fewer resumes from applicants that are qualified and willing to build your business with you! Here are the key elements to an effective ad.

  • Who are you?
  • How does this position support your mission?
  • Job Duties, be specific, don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars!
  • Requirements – what experience/qualities would they need to have?
  • Salary – be upfront with what your budget is.
  • Homework/Test Questions- its ok to let the candidate work for the interview, giving them a few little assignments to include with their resumes will help gauge whether the person has the base line of knowledge to complete the job.

It is vital that the expectations are made clear before the person makes the choice to answer your ad. When it isn’t, it lays the foundation for possible resentment to build. Meaning, that the candidate that takes the job and then is expected to do things that they consider “beneath” them can create a negative atmosphere that can not only bring down the morale of the existing employees but can have a very real impact on productivity.

Don’t get us wrong, featuring the potential of the job and where it might lead the candidate is important as well, and believe it or not, even when you outline the most mundane parts of the jobs the candidate will most likely focus on the opportunity. If that does not happen and the candidate gets stuck on some of the smaller inconvenient parts of the job, then consider them a red flag and take some time to think if this is the kind of work ethic you want within your company.

Posting your Open Position:

There are many job sites that will allow you to post an ad online at low or no cost. Although spending money on job sites like LinkedIn or Indeed for more professional management positions, may be money well spent. If your budget does not allow here are some alternatives:

Also, many online local magazines or classified sites as well as college job boards will allow free job postings. Take a few minutes to do a google search “free job posting YOUR TOWN” see what comes up!