Recruiting & Staffing

Recruiting effective employees can be harder than people perceive it to be.  Below, we have listed some helpful tips to make this process of recruiting and staffing a little easier.

  1. When you ask a candidate how much money they want, they tent to overshoot. So a good rule of thumb is to not ask a potential employee their desired salary; ask them what they are making now and increase that amount by around 10-15 %.
  2. Remember the recruiting process is a two way sales street. If you have an experienced, knowledgeable candidate in front of you, its your job to sell your company as much as it is their job to self themselves. Speak in terms of the other person’s wants. For example,  will their be room career advancement? What about your benefits, do you offer appealing perks? The most important thing to keep in mind is to be honest, if you promise something (ex: potential bonus) and do not deliver, you will have hired a resentful employee which could prove to carry significant ramifications.
  3. Be careful not drag out the recruiting process or rush through it. Timing is everything. If the process takes too long you might lose applicants, if it goes too quickly, you’re going to lose the ability to vet the applicants effectively. For a typical position, the ideal time frame is three to five weeks.
  4. Recruiting employees is like shopping for a car. The more options (or experience) you want, the expensive it becomes. Therefore, someone who  has everything you’re looking for may be out of your price range. Take some time and really think about what you can and cannot train this person on, and what is absolutely necessary from day 1. After close analysis, you should find some places you can cut costs.

Within this section of our site we will teach you how to find the right fit for your organization. Our guides will show you effective ways to write ads, screen resumes, conduct interviews and even find out what a potential candidate may be hiding! We will always provide robust employment contracts filled with confidentiality, non-disparagement and non-complete clauses that will give your company as much protection as possible! Here is what you get:

We have taken the guess work of recruiting, as a member benefit, each section comes with a downloadable detailed instruction document that will walk you through each form and teach you how to use it, so even the most computer illiterate person can use these documents with ease.