Workers Compensation – Downloads

Document Locking Instructions for Forms

doc Workers Compensation Process Instructions
doc Injury Incident Report
doc Accident Investigation Supervisor Form
pdf Safety – Forklift Guidelines
pdf Safety – Office Tips
doc Safety Training Attendance Record
pdf OSHA Safety and Health Poster
pdf OSHA Recording Work Related Injuries
doc Material Safety Data Sheet Template
doc WC Folder – Acknowledgment List
doc WC Folder – Employees Responsibilities
doc WC Folder- Accident Report V1
doc WC Folder- Accident Report V2
doc Employers Workers Compensation Responsibilities



zip Workers Compensation Downloads

Note, most forms included in this kit are meant to be “locked” which means they are designed to be completed electronically, not hand written. When the document is locked, if opened, the Tab key will take you to each gray box that needs to be completed. The boxes will expand as necessary.

After the forms are edited to fit your company (logo ect.) just follow the following instructions to lock. Once locked, you can tab easily from one field to another. To edit any form, just simply:

  • Go to “Review” Tab on the top toolbar
  • Hit the “Restrict Editing” Icon
  • Click the box under #2 – Editing Restrictions
  • In the drop box select “Filling in Forms”
  • Under #3, click “Yes start enforcing Protection”

It is a good idea to always have the protection on so the document keeps its integrity