About Us

As your staff and revenue grows, so does the time required to learn how to effectively organize and manage them. But creating an in-house HR department or even hiring an experienced  professionals or outsourcing company that have all the knowledge to provide the information you need to know, is very expensive. That’s where we come in, we provide many of these basic tools for a fraction of the price.

About Us PicTurn Key Doc was created to help you quickly resolve any daily challenges you may encounter, without having to spend thousands of dollars a month on an in-house professional. Turn Key Doc has also served as reference library for many Human Resources professionals looking to bring structure and order to their clients.

Knowing basic elements of Human Resources, Accounting and Marketing procedures will save you a lot of aggravation and in the long run, lots of money. We understand that your time is precious, so we have made something that seems complex, very simple. The great thing about being a member of this site, is that you don’t need to learn everything all at once, it’s a reference library, so as you have situations come up, just log in and download what you need, it’s that easy!

What makes us different than other “form” sites? We not only provide you with documents, but we give you detailed directions on how to correctly use them. You will also receive simple guides for you and your team that outlines best practices for maximum protection and effectiveness.

Turn Key Doc, offers ready to go customizable HR template forms, agreements as well as easy to follow guides and protocols that have been created to provide the highest level of protection for your company against lawsuits as well as ensure you are compliant with many laws you may not be aware of.

Membership gives you Unlimited Access to Template Forms, Contracts, Guidelines, Reports and Training Videos, with new information added every month!